Hey, Hey, What do you say?

This is an important note about a couple of things that you may not have realized that are key to making the most of your Rhythm Kids experience for the rest of the school year!

Books & CDs

If you haven’t picked up your set of book and CDs, please them up at your next class!!

Without your book and CD set, you can’t learn the music, which means you can’t play with it at home!  It also means that you can’t use your special access code to download your music through the Hello Everybody App, not to mention access your home drumming instructional videos!  

Remember, this is a curricular program – it grows a lot of different areas for kids outside of music, including fine motor skills, building understanding of sequences (this is a math area!), social and emotional confidence, building focus, and more.  If you don’t have any musical activity at home, you aren’t getting the most out of it!

Break Out the Videos

This is such a unique program, with its curricular nature, but tested play based approaches!  Take advantage of the included videos to occupy your kids with probably the first positive, and educational screen-time they’ve had.  A few times a week, encourage drumming along with Tom on the videos, and see what you can observe over a course of weeks.

The videos may be rolling out over the first few weeks, so keep checking back in.  You can use the app, or your computer, and you may even be able to stream this to your TV with those.

Don’t forget – You can drum, too!  And, truth be told, you should.  You are still the primary educational model for your children.  That, and you’ll have fun and be challenged, too!

Djembes at Home

If you are interested in renting a Djembe for home use, please call the office as soon as possible, so we can arrange one for you.  They are $14.97 per month.  It may take a little time to get it, so please ask as soon as you know you need one.  416-651-7529.

For Level I this is optional, but recommended, whereas for Level I this is a must, as more formal instruction becomes part of the program.  You can always source your own, too :-)

Because this equipment is out of our direct control, rentals continue until you return the instrument.

Hand Cleaning for class

We have started to use baby wipes to clean our hands to make sure our Djembes stay in the best possible condition over time, as well as to avoid germs in cold and flu season.  If you get to class and we’ve forgotten to put them out, please ask for them, and we’ll get everyone set up!  You can also opt to wash your hands when you arrive, which is also great.

Last Word for Today

We are tremendously excited to have you all in our classes – they are full!  We are going to have a lot of fun getting through Elephant, and are already very excited for Jaguar this spring!  Jaguar is going to keep one foot in Africa with Ghanaian music, and the other will introduce us to some of the rhythms of Puerto Rico – ai ai ai!

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey!