Luke should practice the pentatonic scales – minor and major shapes. Each one the shapes should be played concecutively – ascendent and descendently; and in patterns of 3 notes at a time using triplets. Focus on the distance between these two shapes: 1 1/2 steps.


Frida should play the both parts of the duet “Au Clair de la Lune”. She should try to do it without writing the names of the notes on top of the staff. I’d prefer that she takes her time to recognize the notes instead of relying on what is written down on top of the staff.


You should keep on playing the pentatonic scale – the 5 shapes. Play the notes consecutively – ascendant and descendantly – and then in groups of three notes – as triplets. Focus on the distance between the two shapes – 1 1/2 steps. You should also play riffs #2, 4, 5 & 6. Relate them to the respective shapes they apply. Focus on the riffs that include bending technique. in this case use the 3rd finger for the band regardless of the suggested fingering to the particular scale.


Veronika should keep on singing and playing Dancing Queen, the whole song. She shoud also play – as per request – Image Dragons’  Demons. A capo should be purchased and she should play around with it. For the original recording the capo should be on the 3rd fret, but the for the key that best fits her voice it should be on the 1st fret.