Work on the 3rd line of “When the Bang Goes Marching”, and the same stays for “Get Away”, but feel free to add more bars of music!



Great job! Keep working on “Fourth of July” and try to play together on the next new song, with some written dynamic (soft, loud)



Good work! Keep working on “Willie Tillie”, and playing hands together on “Il est ne, un divin enfant”!



Technique: Review scales & major triads, and b- & g- triad solid & broken

General: do not push down the keys with your arms, and keep your fingers low and minimum movement when flipping finger over to play

Etude: “Left Alone” – “hold-tap-tap”, (do not hold on the supporting quarter notes for too long)

New: “Arctic Voices” – Try it out with your own interpretation!



Great work on learning the notes! Try to learn how to read the notes better on the staff by looking at the direction of where/how the notes are moving (up, down, skip, step), and don’t forget to count the rhythm when playing!