Great job today, pianists!!!


Your moving to the CHARACTER of your pieces’ rhythm is really getting good, Maz, especially your ‘up tempo’ songs.  Now, explore the movement to more lyrical songs.  Again, SOSTENUTO – sustaining the sound of a long-held melodic note, connecting it to the next melodic note.


One or two steps forward, and then one or two steps back.  You didn’t practice (at least, properly) this week.  I hope this changes!


Remember to practice each of the songs I assign each week (notice the date of the lesson it was assigned).  Moving to the rhythm is fun!  I know you can do it.  Just try it!


Thank you for allowing me to wax poetic on the nature of what it takes to make music so prodigiously, but I only allow myself to be so adamant with these fundamentals with you because I know you understand what I am stressing.  Continue to take that plunge, my dear.  The more you challenge yourself, going beyond how you played before, you will be surprised how quickly you get your pianistic and musical knowledge and ability back, markedly better than before.