Zippin’ along, twinkling those keys, my boys!  Great work!!!


Best lesson, yet!  Started a new book, and stayed focused the entire time, today.  Remember to name the notes of the right hand as you play!


Much better hand/wrist/arm position and posture!  Remember to curve your thumbs, too, as you play.  Indicate to the audience when ‘the story’ is about to begin, and when it is finished.  And, tell an INTERESTING, contrasting story in between!


Good progress in your theory book today.  Try ‘naming the notes’, one hand/clef at a time, as you play.  This will help you read music better, (as well as train your eyes to stay following the notes on the page).


Cruella is almost ready to start putting hands together (in SLOW MOTION)!  Remember to FEEL/MOVE to each count in this piece.  Remember, a successful performance = playing from beginning to end, correctly, WITHOUT STOPPING!