Hi everyone,

Here are your homework assignments for this week:


Practice the triple rhythms that we worked on this week. Make sure that you’re not pausing in between each triplet. The rhythm should continue from one triplet to the next. Also, take a look at the new triplet-based drum beat that is written in your book.


Practice the shuffle beat that we just started working on. Keep it slow at first and play it several times in a row in order to develop consistency. After that, try playing it faster without losing the triplet-feel of the hi-hat rhythm. Also, keep practicing your triplet fills.


Finish tightening up Arabella this week. It sounds really great! You just need a bit more work on the bridge section. Next week we will play it once or twice and then work on something different.


This week, listen to at least one new song by each of the bands on your list. Write down which songs you listened to and what you liked or didn’t like about each song. I will ask you about this next week.