Keep it up, boys, and don’t forget to keep practicing during the summer, lest you forget everything you learned during the year!  (Don’t worry, I’ll keep reminding you;)


Started on your new book today, hopefully you get your book in the mail!  Remember to FEEL/MOVE TO the rhythm of the piece you’re playing as you play it.  And, stay focused!


Your hand/finger positions are getting better!  Your posture can still improve.  Keep those wings (your elbows) away from your body and push those wrists up and forward (even while fingers stay touching the keys) to make a nice, resonant sound!


ACTIVE FINGERS, pushing wrist up and forward, and MOVING TO the rhythm make good music!  They call it ‘playing music’ for a reason ;)


Ready to go to the next level in your piano playing abilities?  You have to be able to play your pieces as best you can from beginning to end without stopping ~ this is YOUR CHALLENGE!