Hi Rockers,

We’ve completed our ‘Tour’ and all the major efforts of the year.  Now, it is time to start working on and planning for next year.

Pizza, Brainstorming, Feedback

I had said to the group that we would have an extra hour this coming Saturday, June 10th, which would take us to 5pm. Due to a death in Barnaby’s extended family, we are going to push this to the 18th 0f June.

This is for the group members to both have a bit of reward for the year’s work, but also to discuss how we can do some things better, and where ABC can offer better support.  We encourage you to sit together and make lists with your kids, so they can articulate your concerns, as well.  We’d invite you in to join, but we’d like to use this time as an opportunity for them to present their concerns (and yours) as part of professional development and experience.

We’ll deliver an update on format for the program for the coming year sometime over the summer.

Email Lists Signup – Your kids need to do it

We are now requiring the members of the band to be signed up to receive the emails that will come for Rock Band.  Individual responsibility will be a more emphasized area moving forward.  Part of our experience in Rock Band is supposed to be to teach and expose them to professional experiences and standards, so being well informed is part of that.  Visit Colin’s Teacher Page to get signed up, and just check off the ‘Rock Band’ list option on the right.

Fall Registration

We’ll be calling shortly to confirm your registration and participation for the fall.  We’ll be starting September 10th.


Due to the Fair on Saturday, we will be having a make-up session on June 25th.  Regular time/day.

Thank You!

It has been a good year for the Rock Band – our best ever, I believe, and we were extremely well received everywhere we played.  You as players, and parents should be proud of the work and results.  For our part, we are grateful to have such a great group as the beacon for our mission; To Save Music.

See you soon!