Excellent lessons today and work this week, guys!!  Keep it up!!!


Remember not to lower your wrist when articulating your pinky finger — push your wrist forward so you articulate on its tip!  And, when you play loudly, strengthen your core and playing apparatus, DO NOT tense up your shoulders!


Excellent work this week on Maple Leaf and Mountain King, Maz.  Remember, the DANCE that you do (while your core is engaged) is peculiar and unique for every song you do.  And, you should practice this dance as you practice in slow motion!  The dance is key to both the technical and musical success of a song.  Also, you have a tendency to not curve your thumbs as you articulate, especially when playing chords.  Thumbs are fingers too, and should be treated as such!


Read Mazin’s comment about the DANCE above — this applies to you, too!!  HIGHER WRISTS.  Know when to articulate lightly and nimbly (relaxed hand, high wrist, elbow out), and when to articulate with the pads of your fingers (low wrists).  Most of the time we play with high wrists on fingertips — this you can improve on.