Good job today and this past week, guys.  Remember, your core/torso muscles should be your stability (tensing up on the strong beats), your shoulder/neck muscles should ALWAYS be relaxed, and tension in your playing apparatus (elbows to fingertips) varies depending on the articulation required in the piece you are playing.


This tiredness/unfocused attention of yours during the lessons, and, I’m assuming, while you’re practicing at home does not work, if you want to learn the piano (or anything in life, for that matter)!  Please try to focus your attention in lessons (and while you practice at home) from now on.


Excellent progress again since last lesson!!!  Remember the ‘3 legs’ of the stool of music: 1. Rhythm 2. Melody 3. the Sound you’re producing as you play.  All 3 legs effect each other, and if you’re not paying attention to one of them, the success of your performance will fall apart!


For your current pieces, remember to push your wrists FORWARD to articulate your pinky fingers on fingertips.  Focus on your movement (dance) to the rhythm of the piece you’re playing.  It’s the first leg of the stool for a reason!


Whipped Level 2 off in record time!  Good job.  Your moving to the rhythm has always been good, but it can be better!  Become aware of your tummy muscles tensing up to the pulse (the strong beats) of the piece, and of how doing this properly makes playing easier and sound better!!