Hi everyone,

Here are your homework assignments for this week:


Keep working on the sheet music for “Travellin’” by Matt Mays. Review all the different fills and beats that we have done on the first page. Also, practice the new beat from Verse 3 on the first page. Play it slowly and count the sixteenth notes out loud. Work on getting the bass drum to line up with the right beats on the snare drum.


Practice the different drum beats that we worked on in your lesson this week. Play them slowly first, and then see if you can gradually speed them up. Don’t forget to count the beats while you play. This will help you to stay consistent.


Review the accent patterns that I wrote down in your folder this week. Focus on keeping the non accented notes soft and the accented notes loud. Play them slowly and count the rhythm out loud so that you don’t lose track of the beat.


Keep working on your paradiddles and other rhythms. Try to practice each exercises several times in a row without stopping. This will help you to develop more confidence with your rhythms and a better sense of beat and timing.



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