Bravo for your first piano recital! I’m so happy to hear that it went well and I wish I was there to hear it! For next week, keep practicing “Classic Dance” and “Young Hunters”. “Classic Dance” already sounds much better – just keep practicing it to get rid of the “hiccups”. In “Young Hunters”, remember that the tie in the right hand means you hold the note longer. Also remember that when you are learning the notes, it is important to keep looking up at the music! After you memorized and learned all the notes really well, then you can look down. When you’re practicing and you notice that something doesn’t sound quite right, look up at the notes to check that you’re playing the right ones!


Let’s keep working on the scales again – C Major and G Major. Practice for smoothness and to remember the fingerings. For “The Greatest Show on Earth”, practice until the last two lines. Let’s focus on hands separate for now, but if you feel up to it, you can get a head start for next week by putting the hands together. For the left hand, remember that it is forte and stay loud! It’s not going to be the Greatest Show on Earth if you play quietly – think of it as grand and exciting. For the right hand, it’s already good – just remember the few places where the notes are a bit trickier and focus on those spots until they are easy to play.