Hi, everyone!

Great work this week in lessons – each of you reached a new milestone and it will be exciting to see what else we’ll discover in the lessons to come!


Good memory on identifying the letter names on the piano. Let’s work on smoother playing of your pieces. Recommended practice: 15mins/day.


Well done on memorizing “Snowfall” – it’s developing well towards recital. Focus on dynamics and flow of the piece. We discussed the different types of snowfall – bring that imagery into your playing. Don’t forget about “Sea Chanty” and your E minor scales. Recommended practice: 30mins/day.


Good work on the “Twinkle Twinkle” variation today – we also started transcribing your variation on manuscript. Explore a few more variations of this tune. For “The Spy” – secure memory work and a polished performance (through contrasting dynamics and articulation). Check your counting at a few spots. Bach’s “Prelude in C” – work on playing hands together. Recommended practice: 45-60mins/day. Please remember that we are shifting next week’s lesson to a later time at 6:30pm – you’ll be working with Cynthia.


Good retention of information we have covered in the new piano book – I’m glad you’re enjoying this fun book! Focus on making different sounds on the piano: chicks (soft), tigers (loud), mice (short), and snakes (long)! Your mommy says she’ll practice with you on the weekend! Please remember that we are shifting next week’s lesson to an earlier time at 5:30pm.

Emet & Kollel

Well done for putting together the duet for “Lemonade” this week! Keep practicing this at home and focus on counting together, smooth playing (clean up the notes), and ending together. Kollel – focus on “Sarasponda” and make sure to have smooth transition from one section to the next. Don’t forget about the F# and the repeats that you have to do as well! Recommended practice: 30mins/day.

Have a great week and stay warm!