Another great session of lessons, today, guys!  The onus is on you now to practice what we covered.  This is the only way to learn!!  Also, remember to bring a video-recording device (eg. iPod, smartphone, tablet) to lessons from now on, so that I can demonstrate how to practice and play your songs.  This will maximize the effect of each of your practice sessions!


Remember to practice Medieval Fair with a metronome (app)!!  Ignore when the metronome goes out-of-sync with what you’re playing on the second page — just think of the ‘tick-tock’ as a gentle reminder to be aware of a steady (though meandering) pulse.


Practice, practice, practice, my fine young sir!  This is the only thing that is holding you back from progressing like you could be.


Don’t give up, dear!!  Remember to maintain the arch in your left P.A. (playing apparatus – arms, wrists and fingers), at all times (when lower than thumb position)!!  And, to make sure the sound of the string when plucking reverberates until the next note you pluck.  You want to transfer the weight from one playing finger to another, through the maintained arch.  And, be fussy with the pitch!  100% in tune, and nothing less.  And finally, be PATIENT with yourself!  Rome wasn’t built in one day.


Great job exploring new ways of musical understanding today, Olivia!!  Please, when playing the piano part of your songs, BE STRICT with the rhythm that is written on the page.  Rhythm cannot be messed with.  If it is, the whole song falls apart.