Super job today, guys!


Great lesson, today, young sir!   Thinking about your first recital!!  Remember, the goal of making a good performance is being able to play the piece from beginning to end, as correctly as possible, WITHOUT STOPPING!  Also, keeping a steady tempo (most of the time).


The Ahaan train just keeps rollin’!!!  So happy you’re reading music now, and that you’re playing your pieces from beginning to end without stopping, and that you’re maintaining a good posture and hand positions now.  Keep it up!!


Remember, MOVING to the rhythm keeps you from rushing, and gives motion to the sound.  It also keeps one calm and clear-headed when playing, able to read the music better among many other things.  I can’t stress this enough.


Besides moving to the rhythm, remember to keep your wrists high and lifting fingers high off the keys when playing.  You want to match the sound that your fingers are making articulating the keys to MATCH the character of the piece’s rhythm that you are moving to.


Even with one of day of practice, you showed marginal improvement.  Now that the holiday season is almost upon us, might you be able to practice more?


Awesome first lesson, Deb.  You’re smart, and you pick things up fast — this is why I said you are talented.  Cello can be challenging at first, but give it time and be patient with yourself.  You will be serenading love songs in no time.  I promise you!!