Overall, great lessons today, guys.  See reminders of what to focus on below.


You need to focus more when playing and practicing the piano, my boy!  Your parents have invested a lot of time and effort in trying to encourage you in this regard.


Whoa!!!  Where did this come from?!  You made this teacher happy today.  After a year of trying, you just suddenly took to reading notes, and your hand position greatly improved!  And, without practicing, travelling abroad?  Wow.  I see great things for you in the future, musically-wise.


I’m really pleased with your steady progress, Maz.  You consistently practice, and it shows!  Keep it up!!


First level down, and well on your way on your second.  Don’t forget to move to the rhythm of the piece you’re practicing!  Especially when practicing in SLOW MOTION.


I sense you’re finding the cello quite the challenge.  Be patient, my dear!  Your fingers and hands have improved since you started just over a month ago.  Remember, the more you practice, the better you will get.  I promise you!!