Good final lessons with you as your sub for Tristan!  Good luck in your future pianistic endeavors!!


Remember to always practice at a steady tempo, dear!  And, to keep your hands in ‘claw-like’ formation, playing curved fingers on fingertips, and lifting fingers high off the keys after ‘walking’ to the next note.  It has been a pleasure teaching you!


10 minutes per week, unfortunately, will not allow you to improve!  Please, if you like playing the piano, you ought to find the time to practice at least 15 minutes per day to make it worth it.  You can do it (if you want to)!!


Formidable!  You’ve been a great pleasure to teach!  You’ve understood fundamentals of music well beyond your years in the few lessons we’ve had.  Remember what ‘strong beats’ are, that figuring out (and moving to) the rhythmic patterns of the piece you’re playing is tres importante to making musical AND technical sense of what you’re playing.  Keep it up!


Even though you and I had only one lesson together these past 3 weeks, you are very much like your sister in that you were able to grasp musical concepts quickly and apply them to your playing, despite the language barrier.  Best of luck in your musical future!!