Hello all, glad to meet you and good see your progression. Here is the homework until we meet next week.

Pedro- Hope you keep practicing the last material we studied.

Kaden- We studied the stick grip. Make sure practice slowly and accurately. Remember that practicing slow is much important than practicing fast. Although it will be tough to do it in the beginning, you will get use to it. Your thumb and second finger are the fulcrum of stick movement. Do not hit with force. The hand motion should be like playing a basket ball and relax. Buy a stick that matches you and practice pad at Long and Mcquade. Aim 45 minute daily

Alejandro- Please review the last materials and make sure 8th notes and 16 notes exchange must be smooth. We practiced during the lesson, so keep practicing the materials. When you count 8th notes you must play 16th notes on drum, whereas when you count 16 notes, you play 8th notes. Aim 30 minute daily

Ella- Listen “We Will Rock You” by Queen and try to play along with the song. Listen how drummer play steady and react to music. Listen as much as you could and let’s try next week as well. In addition, keep practicing double kick. Make sure two 8th notes kicks are steady.


Happy Practice.