Hello Ezra and Elora,

good to see you all and good to see improvements. Here is the assignment.

Ezra- Good work with open hi-hat technique. Make sure keep practicing slowly and try to do number 1 exercise of open Hi-hat technique. In addition, we learned rudiment call “Double Stroke”. Each hand hit twice Right R Left Left. The sound must be the same as you play single stroke of 16th notes. I know it is hard to play while counting, but do your best with it. I understand you’re trying to practice as much as you could. Although you have 15 minutes to practice, practice slowly 12 minutes and 3 minutes speed up slowly.

Elora- Good work with basic simple drum beat. Make sure keep practice and keep practice stroke as well. In addition, get a drum stick as soon as possible because you need to practice the grip of stick. We learned double kick drum today. Remember your right foot motion, Hill and Stump. The second sound must be strong. We practice exercise 1,2, and 3. Try to practice 30 minute daily.


Happy Practice.