So great to see you again this week!

Michelle:  You are working on the flexibility exercise and adding the concept of ‘diaphragmatic bounce’.  We’ll stay at the slow pace as you add this new concept.  On Once I Loved, you’r going to work on singing the piece through with the accompaniment track, and you’re also working on identifying diphthongs through out the piece.  Remember, when two vowels go a-walking, the first one does the talking!  I copied the lead sheets for several tunes to your Dropbox folder, so you can also pick out a new piece to begin this week.  Feel free to choose a piece from of your own choosing also.  20 minutes daily practice.

Nila:  New exercise – for your light mechanism!  Tracing patterns with your hand/are and making sounds that follow those patterns in your upper register!  Castle On A Cloud:  use the recording in your Dropbox folder to help you learn the notes at home for verses one and two.  I will email the sheet music to you, and you can print it off to practice!  Youtube videos will also be helpful when learning this piece!  15 minutes daily practice.