Good focus and effort again in the lessons this week, folks.  Remember, practice is the main way we get better!


Good work playing the duet with me today!  Remember, the goal in playing each piece is to be able to play the piece from beginning to end (as best you can) WITHOUT stopping.  It is best to perfect one piece at a time, than half-learning one song then moving to another.  Keep your wrists high and fingers CURVED so that you’re playing on your fingertips.


Another piece finished.  KEEP SHOULDERS RELAXED and CORE ENGAGED, always.  The core muscles I am talking about are your tummy muscles just under your rib cage — engaging these will give you the ‘superhuman’ coordination and focus of mind that is needed to play the way I know you imagine yourself playing.


One piece finished today from before summer, but you have so many others to go.  And, you asked to be assigned a new one!!  This means, you have to practice.  Please, 30 to 45 minutes of practice everyday if you can.  You are talented, but if one doesn’t practice, such talent goes to waist…


Excellent work and progress in only one month of cello studies, sir!!  If you get the ‘fundamentals of cello playing’ (bow and left hand correct/most efficient and effective functioning) down, the progress of your playing abilities will be spectacular.  Good work ethic and focus of mind.  Good job.


Nice work today, despite forgetting your other books.  Do the theory pages assigned, and practice the piece we worked on, and what I assigned last week in your other book(s).