Awesome lessons and practice this week, budding musicians!!


Great effort and focus in the lesson, dear!  Oops!  You forgot your notation book!  You know the pieces you are working on at the moment.  Continue working on these in the manner that we worked on in this lesson.  Pick a new piece (eg. ‘Good King Wencelaus’) for next time?


ENGAGE YOUR SIX PACK/core ALL OF THE TIME while playing (any song)!!  And, keep wrists high (for most pieces, excluding ‘Spy’), ALWAYS keeping thumbs somewhat curved, even while off keys.  Don’t get discouraged!  — If you do, stop, check the basics (core engaged, moving to the rhythm), then practice that section in SLOW MOTION.  NO ‘STARTING AND STOPPING’ when practicing.


Great second lesson!  When tuning, practice your straight bow in front of a mirror, moving to the rhythm as you pull and push from frog to tip.  Practice the first page in your new book and review the notes (and theory) of the Bass Clef.


Coming along (quickly and) nicely!!  Remember the principle of keeping the left arm/hand/finger ‘ARCH’ at all times and the concept of ‘SOSTENUTO’ (sustaining the sound, connecting one note to the next without a break in volume) as you do your exercises.  When doing staccatos, articulate the next notes fingers, subdividing the rhythm as the bow is stopped.