Great effort again, this week y’all, in both the lessons and your practice.  Keep it up!


Excellent work on your pieces this week, Sadie.  Remember to come off keys at end of slurs, and to push wrists forward on strong beats with fingers curved.


Though you weren’t to practice as much as you would have liked to this week, something clicked in your understanding of how the core can stay engaged while your playing apparatus (hands and fingers) remain relaxed!  Remember the steps to practice and play anything ~ 1. Engage core 2. Start moving to the rhythm of the (beginning of the) piece you’re about to practice/play, then 3. Conduct yourself in and go to it!


Please practice 30 to 45 minutes a day, sir.  I have been repeating myself in the lessons for too many weeks now, I can only say so much.  If you don’t do the work (practice), you will not progress.  Simple as that!


Good progress with the bow, despite not being able to practice too much this week, Leah.  Don’t get discouraged, dear!  Continue as far as you can go with the first page of your book, and remember to cut your left hand fingernails as short as they can go for next week.  We will start going over left hand technique.


Thanks for being honest with me regarding your comfort level with singing while playing the piano.  It’s just that you are so talented, perhaps I was jumping the gun.  Please get level 3 of your next piano series, and we will slowly work up to what we were talking about at a pace you are comfortable with.


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