Great lessons today, guys!!!  Remember, the saying is simple but correct ~ PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!!!


Awesome concentration and effort in today’s lesson, though you weren’t able to find much time to practice this past week!  We have isolated the main issue that’s holding you back, my dear boy: your note-reading!

So, practice that online note-gaming game as much as you can!  5 minutes per day, 5 days a week!!!


Wow!  ‘What a Wonderful World’, singing while playing it for a performance opportunity in just 2 months? You aim BIG!!!!  Good on you.  I like dreamers (as I am one myself), but I like to consider the realism of a matter, for the dream to bode well for all in the end.  You want this to be a good experience, so step back a bit.  I can teach you ‘Amazing Grace’.  It’s up to you how well you do at the performance, so practice!!!


My boy.  You have so much talent in you, and a father who is a musician (and from what I can tell through you, a good one!), why don’t you practice more?  Music is a gift, and if one has it, one must respect it!


Don’t be so hard on yourself, dear!!!  You’re asking your hands and fingers to do something they’ve never done before.  It takes time.  You already improved much from your last lesson, your first lesson.  It takes diligence, and time.  You will get there!