Hi all! Please see your homework for this week below. Have a lovely long weekend and Thanksgiving. Please remember to practice, practice, practice!


Technical: Continue learning G major this week. This includes scales (both parallel and contrary motion) and triads (both broken and solid).

Repertoire: look up definitions for “diminuendo” and “ritardando”
“She’s like the Swallow”
– This week try to get a few lines hands together, but make sure you practice hands separately before you try to put L.H. and R.H. together.
– Remember to practice short segments hands together (Make these short segments into your music. We have marked in a couple already so use those as an example).
– Practice each segment H.T. a few times before moving onto the next one. Pay close attention to the information in the music (for example: dynamics, rhythms, articulations, and all that other good stuff!)
– Write in fingering when necessary! Remember to keep a pencil close by when you practice!

Same as last week! We didn’t get to hear this piece in our lesson. Polish it for a mock performance next lesson. We will also continue practicing how to “get in the zone” in our next lesson.


Technical: Start D major this week; this includes scales (both parallel and contrary motion) and triads (both broken and solid). Remember to keep your fingering in mind when you’re practicing your scales. When playing — listen! Can you hear your finger switches/crosses? If yes, try to anticipate your finger switches/crosses.
*Keep practicing G major technical

Cora Ahrens:
B.C. Book: page 4, questions 7, 8, 9
T.C. Book: page 4, questions 7, 8, 9

Music Theory: Same as last week.

Repertoire: “Swing Low Sweet Chariot”
– Working on putting a few lines hands together this week
– Divide the rest of your music into “segments” (we’ve already divided your music into 3 segments together).
– Practice each segment until is it comfortable H.T., then move on to the next segment.

Have a listen to these three piece and let me know which one you like best.

Gliere “Russian Sailor’s Dance”, Op.70: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bPdil3xhmA

Pachelbel “Canon in D”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBuemc5E-kI

Handel “Hornpipe Water Music”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mCYx8zwTMss


Technical: Continue with C major and also start G major this week; this includes scales (parallel motion) and triads (both broken and solid).

Repertoire: “This is My Planet Earth”
– Focus on right hand notes this week.
– We have split your music into segments, practice clapping the rhythm of your right hand notes for each segment. These piece has many dotted rhythms, so make sure you’re using your rhythm syllabus to help you!

Rhythm syllables:
Eighth note: ti
2 eighth notes: ti-ti
Quarter note: ta
Dotted quarter note: tum
Half note: ta-a
Dotted half note: ta-a-a

*Please remember to find 15-20 minutes to practice every day!