Hello Olivia, Bohan and Amy, here is your homework for the next two weeks.


Good effort and motivation in your last lesson. Keep practicing rhythm and notes in song he is a pirate.

When rhythm is more secure,  try singing the notes before you play them on the violin. Next, try singing the song ( in your head) while you play it.

Gradually increase tempo. Practice A major scale  (starting on G string) four notes slurred and in 6 8 time as warm- up.  : Finger pattern: 3rd and 4th finger close.


Skye Boat Song

Keep practicing skye boat song starting on D with drones.  Finger pattern: 2nd and 3rd finger close. More bow weight on open strings.


Castle on a cloud (from les miz)- new song

New finger pattern: !st and 2nd finger close. Try reading it through…we will talk about next lesson.


My heart goes on

Experiment with sounding point to get a softer sound at beginning of song. Play faster notes with a light bow and slow notes with a heavier bow.


Please listen to Prayer  on youtube (Celine Dion and Andreas Bocelli). It is a beautiful duet. I will have the music for you next lesson.

Happy thanksgiving! It was so nice to meet your Dad. Looking forward to seeing you Sunday after thanksgiving!



Good progress with the Bach double concerto! Thanks for trying the new bowings…they will help bring out phrasing with more clarity. Some of the new fingerings will help you think in patterns.

We will talk more about phrasing and style next lesson. Please review rules for shifting ( lose leaf ). Practice 2nd position passages in first tutti section. Then practice first tutti section to letter A. See if you can polish it!

Practice first solo after letter A with martele stroke and new fingerings.

Studies: practice Kreutzer ( octaves)  and Tartini studies for martele stroke and Kreutzer no2 for detache bow stroke. Also practice Kites study in 2nd position.


Next class we will discuss solo section after letter D to letter F . Also we will look at sections from first solo to letter B and review first tutti section.

Please listen to Prayer on youtube ( Celine Dion and Andreas Bocelli ). I will have the music for you next lesson.

Happy thanksgiving!  Looking forward to seeing you Sunday after thanksgiving.



So nice to meet you! So glad you brought your orchestra music to the the lesson. You are doing good work with the Vivaldi piece on your violin.! It is very important to know the 3rd position well.

We will get you up to speed with music theory. Before your next lesson please study the # keys in the circle of fifth.

The sharp keys are like the open strings on the violin: G major, 1 sharp ( F#); D major, 2 sharps ( f# and c#); A major, 3 sharps ( f#, c#, g# ); E major, 4 sharps ( f#,c#,g#,d#).

Scales Exercises:

Practice D major scale and arpeggio in 2 octaves. The notes in 3rd position on A string are: D ( 1st finger ), E ( 2nd finger),  F# ( 3rd finger ),  G ( 4th finger )

The notes in 3rd position on E string are: A ( 1st finger),  B ( 2nd finger), c#  ( 3rd finger),  D  ( 4th finger).

Also practice octave D to D1 in 3 rd position ( 1st finger D on A string and 4th finger D1 on E string ). Practice  separate bows.

Shifting exercise: D ( 3rd finger A string) then shift to D ( 1st finger A string).


Vivaldi Concerto for two trumpets:

Before you start the piece check your first note A ( 3rd finger on E string) with your open A string. Play first three notes with forte sound and energetic bow stroke ( imitate the trumpet sound).

It is helpful to mark the # notes ( f# and c# ) in your part. Please listen to the piece on youtube. See if you can hear how your part fits in with the other string voices ( and trumpet solos).

Next lesson we will go through a few third position studies and look at the score.

Happy thanksgiving! Please say hi to your mom. Looking forward to seeing you Sunday after thanksgiving.