Hello all,

No Lessons on Monday next week so here is the homework for the next two weeks.


This week we finished “Castle on the Hill” by Ed Sheeran. We looked at how the harmony is always pushed into the next bar by an eight note. With all the different grooves in this song, keep this in mind. The eight note anticipation is an important rhythmic element of the tune even during the even 8ths line. Try to play along with the recording these next few weeks. Try to listen to what is happen rhythmically and try to bring that out in your own playing.


This week we looked at your C and D. These are your first fret and third fret of the B string. Take a look at the songs on both pages in your guitar book. The first one uses only the B string but the second one gets you incorporating both strings. Try to take these at a comfortable tempo. Remember to always be counting 1,2,3,4.


This week we looked at your C, G and D7 Chord. Practice the exercises in your guitar book (35 and 36). Remember to switch between chords at a comfortable pace. If playing in time is too difficult, start by playing the chords out of time.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!