Excellent September of lessons, start of the new music school year, peeps!!  Keep it up and we’ll have each and everyone of you performing (if you want to) at this year’s Winter recital!


Superb first lesson and constructive understanding, Briel.  You’re a good listener.  Now, practice, practice, practice the musical concepts we talked about (and the ‘note-naming game’), and don’t forget to purchase Piano Adventures Lesson Book 1.


Relatively good focus and effort in the lesson today.  Now, remember the goal this week for ‘Batman’ is to play H.S. (then H.T.) with a STEADY TEMPO, while MOVING to the rhythm.  Practice your new song SLOW MOTION in the same manner described above.


Awesome start to your new book, Alex!!  Remember to always ‘GET INTO THE RHYTHM’ (moving engaged core to the rhythmic character) of the piece you’re playing BEFORE your fingers touch the keys.  Review the sayings (reading from bottom to top) of the 5 lines and 4 spaces of the treble and bass clefs.


Much better attentiveness and effort in the lesson this week.  Remember to play the ‘note-naming game’, noticing the pattern of groups of 2 then 3 black keys, and how they help to find a note (A-B-C-D-E-F-or-G) of the same kind.