Hello Pedro, Ronan, Alejandro, and Brad,

I’m happy to see a progression of practicing. I’m happy that you all try to understand the materials that I gave you and understood what I taught you during the lesson; however, keep practice daily at least 30 minute so that you won’t forget. We learned today some combination note division exercises. Remember the material that we learned last week? (The beat division: Whole notes, Half notes, Quater notes, Eighth notes) Make sure keep practicing CONSISTENT counting and COUNT FIRST before you play and play it along.

Pedro- Make sure read the material that I handed out today and try to practice slowly. Remember that you always have to look the contents before you play and try to find any small division beats are in the content. For example, if you found eighth notes are the small division you have to count 1&2&3&4& all the way through. In addition, try to practice exercise with clapping as well. As I mentioned, learning through verbally is also important because it helps to brains to recognize easily. Make sure practice slow and count loud while you are playing the drum. Lastly, keep practice the stroke and try to practice about an hour daily.

Ronan- We learned today; half notes. I gave you clear example when it comes to cutting an apple into half. Keep practice whole notes and practice half note slowly as well. Remember that you have to hit half note on 1 & 3 beat. Finally, keep practice the stroke. I tended to see the second finger pop out. It’s important to fix it because it causes injury as time goes by. Practice slowly and practice 20-30 minute daily.

Alejandro- Well practiced the beat division. We learned some exercises the combination of note division exercises. Make sure count CONSISTENTLY FIRST before you play the drum. In addition, keep practice the note division the between whole, half, quarter, and eighth notes slowly. Lastly, when you practice the exercises, your verbal count speed MUST coherence with your playing speed. If it is not the same, make sure COUNT again and check your playing tempo as well. Practice an hour daily.

Brad- Make sure REVIEW the last materials and keep working the materials that I gave you today! We learned combination note division exercises and you saw how important to understand the note division and practice slowly. When you practice, DO NOT play right away. Sit and try to remember what I said to you. Then, look the exercise content. Count loud before you play and your playing speed MUST BE coherence with your verbal count! Finally keep practice the stroke. Practice 30 minute and try to be accurate as much as possible


Happy Practice~