Hello TFS friends!

This note contains information about:

  • End date this year
  • Fall Re-registration
  • Next year’s teaching schedules.

Please read it to assure you are up-to-date and well informed!

Lessons End May 31st

All lessons will now end at the end of May.  Please call the office if you have any questions.

If you will not be taking lessons in the fall, you may unsubscribe from the TFS/ABC mailing list by using the link at the bottom any of our emails.

Fall Re-Registration

We have now passed the Priority Pre-Registration period that allows you to keep your time for the fall.  If you would like to keep it, please call right away.  We will also be calling you.

Next Year’s Schedules

We’ve made a concerted effort to integrate and compliment the TFS schedule for the coming year.  This includes all regularly scheduled holidays, and major school activities.  We have also included weeks before Winter and Summer Breaks that are specifically for Make-ups.  Make-ups are not part of your lesson charges.

There may be one or two minor changes between now and the start of the school year as TFS refines the remaining details in the annual schedule.  We will update you accordingly.

Click here for the full year teaching days schedule.

Click here for the planned teaching rooms.