Hello Everybody!

For the remaining weeks of our Spring Collection, you’ll see the following teachers at your locations:


  • May 27: Kristin and Jenny
  • June 3 & 10: Barnaby
  • June 17: Jenny – Last class!

OAKWOOD Sundays:

  • May 28: Barnaby w/ Kristin (10:00) & Eric (11:00)
  • June 4: Kristin (10:00) & Eric (11:00)
  • June 11: Kristin (10:00) & Eric (11:00), Barnaby on-site
  • June 18: Kristin (10:00) & Eric (11:00), Barnaby on-site – Last class!

OAKWOOD Mondays:

  • May 29: Barnaby w/ Jennifer
  • June 5: Jennifer
  • June 12: Jennifer, Barnaby on-site
  • June 17: Jennifer, Branaby on-site – Last class!

COLLEGE Mondays:

All remaining dates are with Meher at this time.

A Note on Apprentices

As you will notice, these last few weeks have an increasing emphasis on our new apprentice teachers.  Over the course of the collection, they have been adding a new song a week to their responsibilities, while under the watchful eyes of Lisa (Lead Music Together Teacher) and Barnaby (Director).

After week 5 we did a preliminary video review to assess and support their in-class activities.  In Week 8, they will be teaching by themselves without the watchful eyes.  In week 9 the watchful eyes return, and then in week 10 they will be video-ed again along with an in-class assessment.

We have been very pleased with the progress of our apprentices and hope that you have, too.  We invite you to give your feedback, so we can make them a part of the formation process that leads to excellence in silliness (read: quality) for you and your families.


We’ll be calling you to ask about Summer.  We have 2 flexible options this summer:

  • Partial Summer 5-week pass $67.21 / $40.98 siblings
  • Complete Summer 7-week pass $87.54 / $53.38 siblings

You can come to any class during this summer with your pass.

The scheduled classes are:

OAKWOOD: Saturdays 9:45 a.m.
COLLEGE: Saturdays: 10:00 a.m.

If you have any questions, please call the office at 416-651-7529.

Long Weekend May 20-22

REMEMBER – there are no classes this weekend.  Enjoy the great outdoors!