Hi Team,

There are a few very important things that are timely, and which you should be aware of, and action as appropriate.

General Meeting

The general meeting is on Sunday, March 29th.  I would like to know if anyone (other than Dylan) has a conflict with starting as early as 4pm.  Click to submit your meal choices after reading the rest of this email.  They are due now.

The earlier start time would be for some extended work that I would like to do, and may not be at the restaurant.

Spring Reports

Reports will be due very quickly after the meeting, maybe even less than a week.  Please begin to make your notes now, so you can submit them promptly.  The lesser time is due to our earlier recital date (see below).

Fall Availability

Your fall (2015-16 school year) availability is due now.  This includes summer availability.  Click to submit your availability.

Recital & Fair

The recital date is Saturday, May 2nd.  This is a departure for us in that it is on a Saturday and also earlier in the year.

We are doing this so we can have an evening ‘Student Appreciation Fair’, as a way to bring our community together.  The recital will be in the early part of the day, and the fair in the late afternoon early evening.  We should have our Rock Bands play, as well as a guest Jazz Band.  If you have any interest in performing, let me know.  Also, if you are interested in volunteering to man a food/game station, let me know as well.

Review Update

We are nearing the ability to hold our review appointments.  The new process involves a custom built bit of software to tie your answers together with mine, and is coming along nicely.  Thanks for your patience.


Thanks, and see you soon!