Hello All!

Click here for the updated March Break make-up schedule.  Remember: if you do not confirm or decline the make-up, you may lose it.  Please help us make sure you are getting all of your owed time by calling the office to let us know your availability.  If you are marked ‘Confirmed’ then you do not need to call.

Recital & Student Appreciation Fair update

The recital and Student Appreciation Fair will be on Saturday, May 2nd.  The Schedule is forthcoming.


We would like to invite parents that have businesses to join us to represent themselves within our community – this is a great chance to get to know who does what in our community, and to support our local businesses.  This will be free, but if you are feeling generous, you can offer the guest Jazz Band a small contribution to their expenses for coming to play.  Call the office with your interest, and we’ll get back to you about it.

We may also reach out to you if we know what you get up to, and would like to have you at a table.


We’ll be having a range of activities, including face-painting, bouncy castle, popcorn, cotton candy, etc.  We’ll need some assistance in operating these stations, so if you are interested and available please call the office with your interest, and we’ll get back to you about it.


It goes without saying, but this is a fun time that is for you!  We want you to come to enjoy yourselves.  This will be free – we’ll provide food (1 round per family member), drink, entertainment, and things to see!  You don’t have to be in the recital to take advantage of this, you just have to come!

The Ken Hazlett Jazz band is going to play after the Rock Band(s), and there will be room for dancing!  We look forward to a great party with you!