Scales – C Major HS 1 octave with arpeggio, F Major HS 1 octave, G Major HS 1 octave, D Minor HS 1 octave

Pieces – Surprise Symphony, focus on solidifying the second line. Mouse in the clock, keep last line super quiet! New: Bedtime Boogie Woogie, practice slow learning the notes.


Scales and arpeggios – C Major 1 Octaves HS, D minor 1 octave HS, G Major 1 Octaves HS, G minor 1 octave HS, Chromatic starting on F# 2 octave HS

Pieces – Bach. Continue to work away at right notes and consistent rhythm


Scales – C Major 2 Octaves HT, D Minor 1 Octave HT, D Major 1 Octave HT, F# minor 1 octave HS

Pieces – Bach. Try the beginning hands together, continue to get the chromatic parts near the end comfortable.