All the rudiments you’ve learned are coming together nicely. The learning process for making breakthroughs is always painful but you’re improving a lot these days so keep at it! Really focus on fixing your posture and grip when you play anything.


Main takeaway this week is practice everything with a metronome. Make sure you’re actually listening to it when you’re on your own and I’m not there to correct things. Make sure not to repeat mistakes!


I’m having you read new things constantly to really work on your reading, in terms of a long-term project please hack away at drum corps on parade. I’ll listen to that when I next see you.


Here’s the link again:

The etudes should keep you busy for a while if you just learn all of them. Remember to add bass drum on every beat both to work on coordination and timing. Keep working on the rudiments I showed you today too.

Good worn everyone!