Good work today! We’ll keep reading some new music in lessons but for practice just keep repeating the basic rock beat pattern and paradiddles. The book I was using today is called “tradition of excellence — percussion” which would be good to purchase. It gives very good written instruction for basics and very simple exercises to start with. Another book I would recommend is “stick control”; every drummer/percussionist has had some exposure to this and it is used by beginners and professionals. It’s just a lot of simple patterns good for working on technique.


Try to remember the xylo exercise I’ve shown you and practice it whenever you can; then, make sure to speed it up without compromising accuracy. Remember to use good technique (stay relaxed with lots of rebound) no matter what you are playing. Practice the pattern I showed you on the cymbal for atleast 5 min a day, as fast as possible where all 3 notes sound the same and you can continue for 5 minutes without stopping. The pattern is an 8th note and 2 sixteenths on repeat, not a triplet.


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