“Snowflake Rag”: Practice the first two pages. Pay particular attention to the transitions between mm. 12-13 and mm- 20-21. For this last one, practice jumping with the right hand from the upper C to the Am chord on the last beat. When the first part of the song (up to m. 20) is good, play mm. 21-28 with both hands. Be careful with the fingering. After that, add the pedal.


My Piano Adventures p. 22-23 “Old Mac Donald Had a Song”. Keep both hands in the keyboard. Play from beginning to end. Remember that p. 22 is played twice. Make sure to play the exact number of note¬† repetitions shown in the book.


“Underground Theme (Mario)”: Practice the bit seen in class. Remember that the left hand always plays the note first, then followed by the right hand playing the same note one octave higher.

Read “Young Hunter”. Pay attention to where A is written. Remember that the dots below the notes mean that you should separate each of them.


“the 1”: Study the chorus’ chords to complete the sequence. Take a look at the second verse because it’s a little different as well. Keep the rhythm at all times, and play the second chord always in the upbeat. After you have the chord sequence in your fingers, play with the recording. Pay attention to the little details there that you can use in your own arrangement. If possible, practice singing along as well.