Recommended Practice Time: 15-30mins

What to practice: This week Lucas I want you to practice playing the Countdown exercise we learned. Its 4 strokes on the right hand, 4 strokes on the left hand, 4 strokes on the right foot, and 4 strokes on the left foot. You then do 3 strokes, then 2 strokes, then 1 stroke, and then all the way back up to 4 strokes again. The number of strokes for each limb will then go 4-3-2-1-2-3-4. Also be sure to have fun banging around the drum set too!

How to practice effectively: I know you’ve got a good handle on the exercise already, just try and make it as smooth, steady, and continuous as you can through all of the limbs and amount of strokes.

It was great working with you again, have fun this week!


Recommended Practice Time: 30mins

What to practice: This week continue working through the chorus of Violent Sun and work on getting through the whole song. Here is the transcription and here is the form chart.

How to practice effectively: Good work on the chorus, see if this week you can get it really solid. To work through the rest of the song you’ll see that I put what beat is played at each section in the form chart. I didn’t label them but you can match up the beats to the transcription. Beat A is the intro/verse, Beat B is the pre-chorus, and Beat C is the chorus. Here is a video of me playing the chorus for audio/visual reference and here is a video of the drummer Michael Spearman playing the song.

And here is some fun listening if you’re interested:

Imogen Heap, Speak for Yourself

Muse, Black Holes and Revelations

Good job this week, looking forward to putting the whole song together!


Recommended practice time: 30mins

What to practice: Next week Jonah be prepared to play through Lesson 8.

How to practice effectively: Practice through the reading counting and playing like we normally do, we’ll be talking more about dynamics next week. And have fun learning the new fills!

Good work today Jonah, its important to work through the reading and I appreciate your efforts!


Recommended practice time: 30mins

What to practice: Next week Samson will be our last week running through Mario Beatbox. After that we will focus on working through Lesson 6.

How to practice effectively: Keep practicing Mario Beatbox at different speeds making sure to listen to the track and nailing the transitions and repeats. Start reading through Lesson 6 so we can run through it smoothly next week.

Really nice improvement on Mario Beatbox this week, its really on its way, keep it up!


Recommended practice time: 30mins

What to practice: This week Sylvie I want you to focus on getting comfortable with Beat B in the pre-chorus of Starlight as well as Beat C so that you can try and work through the whole song. Here are the transcriptions of the beats. And here is a form chart of the song.

How to practice effectively: Just go slowly through the beat and read it exactly how you would any other beat, once you get the hang of it its pretty simple! Then once you feel comfortable with all of the different sections try playing through the whole song and we can focus on transitions next week.

Great to see your progress!


Missed you again today Paulina! Hope you’re ok!

Recommended practice time: 30mins

What to practice: This week I want you keep working on the coordination exercise, aim to get through the whole thing, as well as work through Lesson 1 and Lesson 2.

How to practice effectively: For the coordination exercise, continue isolating the patterns that give you difficulty. Repeat them, memorize them, engrain those patterns so that playing them is second nature. Then string them together and push towards playing the whole thing. For the Lessons I want you to clap and count the reading exercises and then once you feel comfortable with that try them on the drum looking for good strokes that start and stop at the top and good timing. We’re going to be using this book quite a bit so its not a bad idea for a purchase.

Heres an album I really like:

This is My Hand, by My Brightest Diamond