Declan- please review the names of all of the notes on all strings with Declan. Remember, there are no sharps or flats between the notes e and f as we’ll as b and c.  Also, please review the names of the lines and spaces of the staff in bass clef

Griffin –  parents please help Griffin to practice by encouraging him to change chords quickly and smoothly. Strumming and chord changing should be smooth, quick and musical. The song is Little Black Submarines by the Black Keys.

Simon –  parents please be sure that Simon always has his homework with him for every lesson. Simon, practice eight days a week all the way through changing the chords cleanly and smoothly

Arianna – ” The Cinema. Show” intro and first verse. Parents, as this is a very demanding piece of music, please see to it that Arianna has plenty of time to practice. Encouragement is very important here, tell her how awesome she sounds.

Juri –  practice eight days a week , parents make sure that Juri is producing a clean sound. Remind him to put his thumb in the right place, check each individual note in each chord, then practice changing chords quickly. Parents please make sure Juri practices a minimum of 15 minutes a day.

Josh – us and them slowly at first and then up to speed, then practice Hurt by Johnny Cash. Parents please encourage Josh to practice slowly, with the intention of playing everything like a complete piece of music. Josh needs to spend more time at home with the guitar to achieve his goals so please make sure he has ample practice time.

Devis – all scales practiced forwards and backwards making sure that the notes are clean and clear. Parents, make sure that you encourage Devis to practice slowly at first and get a clear sound. After the scales practice the chords, checking each note in the chord for clarity. Parents, it is essential that Devis practices for 15 minutes a day everyday.