Hi everyone,

Here are your homework assignments for this week:


Practice “Beat #2” from “I Got the Feelin’” by James Brown. Focus on keeping the ghost notes very even and rhythmic. Also, see if you can get “Beat #1” closer to the speed of the song. Each time you practice, play it a few times slowly, then try playing it fast, then go back to slow, then back to fast. This will help ensure accuracy while also pushing your limits of speed.


Practice the triplet exercises that we worked on this week. Focus on keeping the rhythms even and playing the bass drum on each of the main beats. Also, try moving the rhythms around on the drums a bit to see how it feels. We will work more on this next week.


Review “Black Dog” a bit more before the recital. It’s all there, so you don’t need to over rehearse it. Just focus on not speeding up through the easier sections. Also, practice the triplet exercises that we worked on this week. See how fast you can play them while still keeping the rhythm steady.


Practice the triplet rhythms that we started this week. Remember to count either out loud or in your head while you practice. Also, focus on keeping the rhythms even and not speeding up or slowing down. Counting will help with this!


Practice the drum fills that we worked on this week. Play them slowly at first and work on moving them around the drums. Then, once they start to feel more comfortable, see if you can play them faster. Remember to always go back to the beat after finishing the fill and don’t leave a pause in between them. The most important thing is to keep time!