Declan – keep practicing the chords to “Eight Days A Week”, trying to change the chords smoothly. Parents, watch to see that Declan forms the chords correctly, gets a nice clear sound and practices 15 minutes a day.

Griffin – practice strumming patterns for “Eight Days A Week”, changing chords smoothly and quickly. Parents, see that Griffin can play the chords correctly and practices 15 minutes a day everyday.

Simon – “Andante”, make sure that you pluck the strings gently so that they make a smooth, nice sound. Play bass notes and melody together. Parents, when Simon is practicing be encouraging by listening and saying encouraging things. Please be sure that Simon brings all of his notes and books and that he practices 15 minutes a day

Arianna – review the chords for the Fiona Apple song while playing the beginning to “Time In A Bottle”.

Parents please listen to Arianna play the songs and be very encouraging. She is doing very well and really seems to love music.

Josh – practice changing chors to “Crazy Little Thing…” make the change to the B flat chord fast! Practice the solo separately from practicing the chords. Parents, Josh has made great strides this semester and seems to really love it! Please listen to him play and be very encouraging.