You are sounding better and better all the time.  Continue to do gentle warm ups and favour the nasal sounds that focus your voice and breath.  The “witchy” sound is a simple way to get into a place of focus.  I look forward to seeing what new musics you bring us to work on next week!  See you soon!

I think it would be very good to spend some time sitting at your keyboard playing around to see if you can make little songs and melodies.  Practice carefully using each of your fingers (and thumb) in the right places on the keys.  Always start with your thumb on middle C.  You are doing so well! See you soon!


Well done on finding the Jazz Standards book. Please take some time to go through it and listen to Youtube versions of different songs in the book.  You will very likely find a few new songs you want to work on and perform in the coming months.  Continue to work gently on your warm ups with a nasal voice placement.  Make note of how long it takes you to “warm up” the voice – a place that has more ease.  Cry Me a River was excellent and very well prepared.  Congrats on finding your niche!  See you soon!

Hey birthday girl!  Your work on All of Me, Thousand years and the other tunes  we did is very very good.  This week I want you to time how long you are doing your practice. Let me know how many times you sang through something and what you worked on.  Tell me what you think you need some guidance on.  You’re doing great!  See you soon!