• I’m reluctant to post a link to the Stick Control PDF on here because of copyright issues, but if you Google “stick control drum book”, it’s the first link that comes up.
  • Stick Control, Page 5: Single Beat Combinations
    • Practise lines 1-8 along to music of your choosing
    • Also practise lines 5-8 with the Rs and Ls reversed
    • Because the patterns are written a little differently in the book compared to how Pino and I wrote them on your page, adding the feet becomes a little trickier. You’re welcome to leave out the feet until I explain what I mean in our next lesson. You’re also welcome to experiment with how the feet are integrated and do what works for you (which I encourage).
  • In Bloom
    • Play the beats along to the recording
    • If the recording is too fast, play along to a metronome [<— BLUE TEXT IS CLICKABLE] at 100 bpm, then bump it up to 105, then 111 (the song’s actual tempo).
    • Don’t sweat it if you can’t play that fast bass drum part you figured out along to the recording. Consider it a bonus if you do.

I’m looking forward to hanging and drumming, Emily! See you in a couple of weeks.