• Here is the Praise the Lord beat.
  • The bass drum notes are confusing with all the crazy beaming. The easiest way to read the bass drum notes is to play them at the same time as the hi-hat notes above them.
  • The first two (of the three) rim clicks are connected with a curved line called a “tie”. In this particular context, the tie means ignore the second note. Therefore, you should only play the first and third rim clicks.
  • Here is one way to learn the beat:
    1. Play it without the rim clicks or the open hi-hat at the end.
    2. Add the rim click rhythms but play them as snare hits. Still no open hi-hat.
    3. Same thing but play the rim clicks as rim clicks. No open hi-hat.
    4. Add in the open hi-hat.
  • Summer tip: Play with other people as much as possible. Get together with friends and just plays song you like (or make up your own!). Playing with others is an essential component of becoming a good musician, and I unfortunately cannot give you that experience in one-on-one lessons.

Have a great summer, Jonathan! You were a pleasure to teach.