Recommended Practice Time: 15-30mins every day

What to practice: Keep working on beats 1-6 from Lesson 4 and try playing them in two-bar combinations

How to practice effectively: Remember to always count (either in your head or out loud) when you play these beats. You can also play them two-bar patterns by combining two beats together: for example, play beat 1 and then beat 2 and then repeat from the beginning.

Thanks for your hard work today. The beats are sounding great!



Recommended Practice Time: 30mins every day

What to practice: Focus on the bridge and final chorus/outro of Verbatim.

How to practice effectively: Isolate the beat from the bridge and practice it slowly. This is the trickiest part of the song and so it will require some slow practice to get the coordination just right.

I’m really impressed with how well you can play this song Ella. Keep up the great work!



Recommended practice time: 30mins every day

What to practice: Review the tied notes from Lesson 11 and practice the beats and transitions from Starlight

How to practice effectively: Practice each beat from Starlight the same way we did in your lesson. Then practice transitioning smoothly between the beats: from “Beat A” to “Beat B” and from “Beat B” to “Beat C.”

You learned these beats really quickly Jonah and you’re playing them very well! Great work!



Recommended practice time: 30mins every day

What to practice: Keep working on the speed exercises and practice the intro beat and fill from Rock With You.

How to practice: When you practice the speed exercises, start at a slow speed and ensure that the sixteenth notes are even and steady. Then gradually increase the speed until you feel like you’ve reached your limit (with the rhythm still even and steady). Then slow back down and repeat the process. With enough practice, your maximum speed will start to increase.

You’ve got a good handle on the beat and fill from the song now. Great job!



Recommended practice time: 30mins every day

What to practice: Finish up the rhythms from the first page of Lesson 10  and then practice the “Rock Breaks” from the end of the second page.

How to practice effectively: Try to always count the sixteenth notes in your head when you practice these rhythms and beats: “1e&a 2e&a 3e&a 4e&a…” – This will help with accuracy and not dropping any notes or rests. With the beats, pay close attention to the stickings that are written in below the notes.

These rhythms are very challenging and you’re playing them very well! Way to go, Sylvie!