Hello Everyone! So sorry for my absence last week, unfortunately I won’t be seeing you on this week either but Simon will be coming in to substitute for me. See in you next week!



Amazing Grace sounds so good! Let’s keep working on Will The Circle Be Unbroken. You’re definitely getting fast at memorizing tunes. Also the chords are sounding so good we might have to do the full versions of them soon! Don’t forget to use your C major scale as a warm up!



The solo is sounding so good and we finally have every part down. I would love to explore how to use some of these licks in a solo and how to transpose them all over the neck of the guitar! Let’s see if you can play the solo up to speed next time we meet.



Here comes the sun is sounding great, this is a hard arrangement but you’ve been doing a great job so keep working on that. All your scale and triad knowledge has really taken off! We’ll be moving the scale and patterns into more keys! Keep up the good work!



Your memorization is coming along! Each time I ask you to play the spiderman theme it comes back a little faster. Also the C major scale in thirds is sounding great, use that as a warm up for your practice routine! I would love to hear Star Wars on the first try next time!



Happy Birthday is coming along but I want you to strive for perfection and have it completely memorized. Your E minor pentatonic scale is really coming along! It sounds great, so I’ll start challenging you to see how fast you can play it.