Recommended minutes to practice: 25 minutes a day

What to practice: Keep working on sight reading, it’s definitely getting better. Secondly, memorize the chords for Don’t Stop Me Now, play along to the track without the piece of paper. Keep working on the melody and we learned part of the solo, you can probably figure out the rest on your own, but we’ll go over it in the next lesson.

How to practice it most effectively: For Don’t Stop Me Now, the best thing to do would be play along with the track and maybe even try recording yourself on your phone to make sure that you’re hitting everything accurately. 



Recommended minutes to practice: 15 minutes a day

What to practice: Great job with Seven Nation Army, we will play along with track again next week but I’m super impressed that you can play along at full speed. Work on switching between Am and Em. Keep practicing smells like teen spirit. Next week we will look at white christmas.

How to practice it most effectively: Use the technique we used in the lesson where we let the metronome play for four beats and then we switched chords. Keep playing along with the white strips song. 



Recommended minutes to practice: 15 minutes a day

What to practice: Work on the strumming pattern for Good 4 U, I know it can be challenging but this will add a lot of diversity into your playing.  Secondly, try and memorize those chords for Dream a Little Dream, listen to the recording it’s a great song. Lastly, keep practicing D major, see if you can do it in thirds.

How to practice it most effectively: You are at the point where you can play along with the Good 4 U recording, this would be really helpful but I would suggest slowing it down at first. Also just take a listen to Dream a Little Dream of Me.



Recommended minutes to practice: 15 minutes a day

What to practice: Practice the major scale in thirds, up and down. Keep working on the Bb and Eb chords, we’ll be playing One Love next week but we are going to try it in a different key. I’ll ask you to play Stand By Me every week so keep practicing that as well.

How to practice it most effectively: You’re getting better at the strumming pattern for One Love but just remember to count out loud and make sure you accent two and four. We’ll keep learning the melody next week.



Recommended minutes to practice: 20 minutes a day

What to practice: Keep practicing the chords with the bass for on the road again. Next time we meet we’ll look at the melody. Secondly, keep practicing that Travis Picking exercise I showed you. Thirdly, keep going on those triads and two octave major scales, do it in C and F! Lastly, keep on rocking it with Wish You Were Here, it sounds so good!

How to practice it most effectively: For the triads and scale exercises make sure to play with a metronome so that you practice it at a slow consistent tempo. Also try playing along with On The Road Again!