“Working up to jazz” sheet


“Basic Beats” sheet

  • Write which drum/cymbal you play next to each note.
  • Use “H” for hi-hat, “S” for snare drum or “B” for bass drum.



  • Count quarter notes out loud (1, 2, 3, 4).
  • Either practice along to the recording or start slower with a metronome and build up you speed. It’s your choice.
  • For the metronome, start at 100 bpm or slower and work your way up to 116 (the song’s actual tempo).

“Hotel California – Filling” worksheet

  • Play to a metronome. Start at 110 and bump up the speed by 5 bpm until you get to 145 (the song’s actual tempo).
  • Also play along to a metronome at 110 bpm for the filling exercises. You don’t have to increase the tempo if you don’t want to; it’s your choice.
  • Count 8th notes out loud for one bar before you come in AND continue as you play.
  • Remember: other than making sure you’re playing in time, don’t think about what you’re going to play for your drum fill. Just let it come naturally and follow your body.


“Basic Beats” worksheet, all patterns

  • Count 8th notes out loud for one bar before you come in AND continue as you play.
  • Play to a metronome at 8th notes = 120 bpm. Once you have played through all the patterns, play them again but at 115 bpm. Then 120 bpm. Do this until you get to 145.
  • Instead of playing the hi-hat for everything, play the ride cymbal.

6/8 Pattern

  • Play along to a metronome where 8th notes = 60 bpm. Try to get it faster, at least to 80 bpm.
  • Right hand on ride cymbal.


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