Hello my lovely students!


I’m so pleased with your work on July the Fourth and Play a Fourth and am happy to say we can move on!

I’m proud of your progress with learning, understanding and reading note names. Please do review pgs 27-32 in your lesson book as I suggested! Especially think about FACE (RH Spaces) and Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge (RH Lines), use your brain/logic to see what skips and steps look like and how you can use them as clues to figure out note names. :)

Also be sure to complete the little exercise I wrote out on your homework paper for next week!

OLD UNCLE BILL We made some great headway today, awesome job (and patience!) Working out what all the note names were and figuring them out with different clues. Practice hands together 10min/day.


Wow! Amazing! Excellent work memorizing both When I Grow Up AND Kumbayah!! :D Let’s hear them again next week, practice playing on the tips of your fingers, nice and strong in these pieces, and in Kumbayah, count out loud in Bars 13-14 to help you keep them in time :)

Scales 10 min/day
G+ scale, two octaves, hands together, keep it up you’re getting the hang of it! Remember your F#’s
a- scale, LH only, two octaves, Harmonic (F natural, G sharp) and Melodic (F sharp, G sharp on the way up only)
D+ scale, RH only, two octaves, remember C# and F#, your thumb crosses after every sharp :)

18th CENTURY DANCE  Now that we have recognized and divided the piece into its three sections, practice whole piece at home, taking one section at a time, 15-20min/day. Staccato staccato staccato! Remember staccato moves UP not down, get your hands up and away from the keybed! No pushing down into the keys like stomping. Careful with that skip in the eighth notes on the last line. Set your metronome between 30 bpm and 60 bpm while practicing :)