Hey everyone, something seems to have gone wrong with zoom the other night so we’re looking it! So sorry for the inconvenience!



You’ve been absolutely killing it on ukulele. Keep working on Island in The Sun. Next week you have to have the C major scale memorized, along with the chords and bassline for Stand By Me. These are super tough chords so don’t get discouraged. Lastly, practicing 10 min for 4 days is better that practicing 20 min for 2 days!



Good job with the Em Pentatonic Scale, do not forget to alternate pick! You can use the scale to jam along with an Em blues backing track on YouTube. This is a super common scale for guitar players to use while soloing so soon you’ll be shredding like Van Halen. Keep going with that Guns and Roses lick, it’s super hard but will be good for your picking technique.



Playing Never Going To Give You Up has been super fun, next week bring in the electric so we can practice bending and using vibrato. Try to listen to the bass notes first when transcribing chords. This note is the most important because it dictates what kind of chord it’s going to be. Also keep working on arpeggios over Wish You Were Here, we will the try to play arpeggios over the chord progression for Never Going To Give You Up.